Wholesale Laurel Earrings

Wholesale Laurel Earrings



Handmade Laurel Leaf Earrings, available in gold or silver.

Laurel was said to communicate the spirit of prophecy and poetry. Laurel leaves were commonly put under pillows at night to gain inspiration through dreams and its intoxicating properties are associated with prophetic and poetic inspiration.

It has long been a symbol of victory. Laurel was given as a symbol to the winner in Pythian games. Masons consider the laurel symbol to signify the hopeful expectation of success in the search for the True Word. In the bible, laurel is an emblem of prosperity and fame.  It is also the source of the word Baccalaureate and of poet laureate.

Today laurel is seen as a symbol of peace and purification. It also represents power and passions and is thought to inhibit the influence of evil spirits and to provide protection from harm.

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