California is located on the west coast of North America. It is the largest US state by population, and the third largest by area. California offers something for everyone: hiking, food, beaches, surf, can, snow, .... 

Human occupation in California goes back 50000 years; California was home to thirty different tribal groups prior to the arrival of European explorers in the 1500s and now over 120 tribes are left. The first Europeans were the Spanish and Portuguese, who built a settlement in California, establishing twenty-one missions in California by the late 1700s. After the Mexican War for Independence in 1821, California became a part of Mexico for 25 years until 1846 where it briefly became a sovereign nation, California Republic, before it was annexed by the United States in 1846. In 1848 the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada mountains kicked off the California Gold Rush, and California's non-native population surged from 15,000 to over 300,000 within two years. California was recognized as a state in 1850, and its population increased steadily since then. Today California is the most populous state in the US with over 38 million residents.

While this road trip would technically be about 24 hours or driving total, in order to truly bak this trip and make the most of out it, you would need to spend about a month on your journey. Since that amount of time isn't likely to happen for most, this list is intended to be used for those traveling in any of these areas in California -- insiders view to what is possibly the most diverse and wonderful place in the world. Being from California and never having lived any where else could possibly make me a little bias. 


Sam Chowder house - get the lobster roll , but anythings good

swanton berry farm

whale city cafe

pescadero - harley goat farm and artichoke bread for a picnic at the beach


bean hollow - find agates and jasper

waddle - hike or bike up the creek to the waterfalls or watch kite and wind surfers

Gorilla Barbeque


Los Angeles

Ojai / Ventura / Santa Barbara


farmer and the cook




natures grill

beach tacos 



go to the channel islands 




Bakesale Bettys

Cholita Linda

Curbside Creamery

The Cook and Her Farmer 

Authentic Bagel Company



Dopo, 4293 Piedmont Ave, (510) 652-3676
Grand Fare Market, 3265 Grand Ave, (510) 899-9610
W.C. Morse Cafe, Blue Bottle, 4270 Broadway, (510) 653-3394
Kronnerburger, 4063 Piedmont Ave, (510) 410-7145
Pizzaiolo, 5008 Telegraph Ave, (510) 652 4888


First and Last Chance Saloon 


, 4200 Piedmont Ave, (510) 594-2288Neighbor
Book/Shop, 482 D 49th Street, (510) 907-9649
Esqueleto, 482 A 49th St Suite A, (510) 629-6216
Marisa Mason, 484 49th St, (510) 289-6002
Standard & Strange, 5010 Telegraph Avenue, (510) 373-9696



Novo is a local and tourist favorite in the heart of downtown SLO. Their outdoor patio dining in the evening is an SLO experience not to be missed. They serve a global cuisine with a plethora of wine choices (and great cocktails, too!). try the salmon bisque - so delish! 

 Scout Coffee

Old San Luis BBQ Co

Sally Loo’s Wholesome Café



Ruby Rose

Len collective 



Avila Valley Barn

hot springs 

Feature 3

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