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Mountainside's goal is to have a jewelry line that is as environmentally responsible as possible. A few low impact practices which are already in place include sustainably sourced metals, repurposed vintage jewelry parts which are deconstructed and then reused to make one of a kind pieces, vintage "deadstock" chains, clasps, and other items are used whenever possible to avoid buying newly created materials, silver and brass for castings are made from recycled melted down metals. Packaging is minimal and any packaging from supply shipments is reused, vintage rags and napkins are always used instead of new or disposable paper towels, and any metal scraps are saved, sorted, and reused. All metals are sourced from reputable companies in the USA and are nickel & lead free. Many of the stones and beads used are repurposed from found pieces as well as being cut, carved, drilled, and polished by hand at a Lapidary studio in Santa Cruz. Mountainside Jewelry is a proud member of the Santa Cruz Gem & Mineral Society.