14k Gold Re-plating

14k Gold Re-plating


Jewelry can last a long time, but it needs care every so often. Many Mountainside styles are plated with a thick layer of real 14k Gold and a protective clear coating, but after long periods of wear, exposure to water and oils or lotions - etc. the gold can slowly wear - but not to worry! I’m happy to replate your piece of jewelry to its original shine.

*Jewelry will need to be mailed back in order to be plated, once you submit your repair order, ship your item to thee shop. Do not ship your jewelry in a regular envelope, it can be lost or damaged. I recommend a padded envelope or box with tracking.

Ship to:

Mountainside - Repairs

6235 Hwy 9 STE A

Felton, CA 95018

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your repair to be completed.

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