Handmade in the mountains

By Amber Duncan


Inspired by travel and traditional craft, Mountainside Jewelry brings a rustic aesthetic into modern times with styles that strive to be timeless, cherished pieces. Delicate yet bold, designed to ignite strength and confidence as well as elegance and grace. Jewelry as both armor and amulet.  

A mixture of idle hands and a passion for treasure hunting and creative fabrication brings each piece to life. Various forms are made using a combination of hammered metals, lapidary stone cutting, and the ancient process of lost wax casting. Amber gathers ideas and inspiration from vintage jewelry discovered in museums, flea markets or antique shops. Her style focuses on movement, texture and simplicity. She is fascinated with the stories behind symbolic images and natural forms, the curious lore and sentimentality of objects and emblems, the past uses and superstition surrounding gemstones and talismans. For each piece, a new story begins.